FTTH Council Europe Publishes a New In-home Broadband Excellence Guide

The first edition of the In-home Broadband Excellence Guide provides an overview about the different technological possibilities how to optimise end-user experience of the FTTH and how to add value and monetise the in-home broadband network.

During the FTTH Conference in Vienna, the FTTH Council Europe revealed the first edition of the In-home Broadband Excellence (IBE) Guide which outlines the best possible solutions to get from the fibre entry point to the end-user. The IBE Guide aims to give the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) an overview about the different possibilities, provide various options to choose from, and help find the right solutions that would be best adapted to the specific needs of the end-users.

“With this new IBE Guide, we want to emphasize that FTTH deployment does not stop when the fibre reaches the home,” commented Eric Festraets, President of the FTTH Council Europe. “When we think about the consumers, we need to remember that for them the most important aspect are the services that they can use thanks to the FTTH. The new In-home Broadband Excellence Guide is a practical tool aimed at ensuring that the consumers can fully benefit from the FTTH – when and how they want and need to do so.”

“To ensure that the consumers fully benefit from the FTTH deployment, it is very important to find the right mix of technological solutions throughout the entire home, such as CAT-5e/6 cabling, WiFi and other technologies,” said Vincent Garnier, Director General of the FTTH Council Europe. “With this new Guide, we are connecting all the dots to ensure that the end-users can experience the opportunities offered by full-fibre connectivity:”
“Rather than being prescriptive, the Guide is intended to be informative,” commented Maarten
Egmond, Chair of the FTTH Council Europe In-home Broadband Excellence Committee. “With
technology and business aspects of IBE continuously evolving, there is still much more to explore.
Therefore, the In-home Broadband Excellence Committee welcomes all inputs and suggestions for
future editions of the Guide – which will continue to evolve just like the IBE technology and enduser needs.”

The IBE Guide brings together both technology and business aspects, focusing on three fundamental questions:
• How to extend fibre performance to the end device? The IBE Guide discusses physical infrastructure
options, how to combine them to build a full infrastructure, and what to look out for.
• How to manage the user experience? The IBE Guide explains that to assist the end-user in managing
the in-home network, the CSPs will require insight into the home network, and capabilities to help
to configure, troubleshoot, advise about and adjust it.
• How to add value and monetise it? The IBE Guide looks at the new opportunities offered by the inhome broadband network not just on a technical basis, but especially also on monetisation.

The IBE Guide can be purchased here for non members of the FTTH Council Europe.

source: www.ftthcouncil.eu


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