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Digital maps

Creation of digital planning maps with on-site geodetic survey (GPS instrument, geodetic measuring station, 3D drone scanner)


Assessment of capacity needs on development area, updating existing map data.

Public utility data

Processing and supplementing e-utility data from utility service providers’ databases

Ground Penetrating Radar research

With the DS2000 ground penetrating radar, it is possible to detect and map utility traces in the ground – whether they are metallic, live or completely metal-free.

Fiber allocation

determination of the planned route – preparing and sending the HLD to the customer for approval


Licensing of the planned route (utility providers, owner of the electrical network, municipalities, road managers, watercourse managers, railway track operators, state property asset managers, land offices, private owners).


Planning of optical fiber distribution according to predefined distribution ratios ensuring 100% coverage


Preparation of a detailed budget based on the material and unit lot provided by the customer.

Plan delivery

Complete publication and delivery of all licensed exports, in digital or paper format, according to the customer’s needs.

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